Thursday, September 10, 2009

Catching Up

I am a little behind on my posting. We have been so busy lately and I am trying to get all caught up on my pictures and posting. I will try to do this over the next couple of posts!

Rylie has gotten her first hair cut, well it has been so long ago, she probably now needs a second one!

Jon traveled around the world, he went to Korea for a week and then to Norway. I met him in Norway, we had a great week there.

Rylie has started preschool again this year, so far so good, she seems to be doing great, she really likes it.

We have traveled to Mutti and Putti's for Labor Day and back again. We are trying to get all caught up and back in the swing of things for the fall to begin.

Pictures below of all of our adventures.

Rylie and her haircut, she was not real excited, but she didn't cry. She did need her paci however and was not letting go of the train! She was watching the lady very carefully!

Pics of Korea, very crowded place

More pics of Korea from a ferry Jon took

Jon on top of a derrick they had almost completed and were fixing to ship out, he was so excited to get to climb up.
Pics from Norway, what a beautiful place
Pics from the harbor

Rylie at my grandparents

Rylie and Chris
The family

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