Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dewberry Farms

This past weekend we headed out to Dewberry Farms, it was a lot of fun and Rylie had a great time. Nonnie and Paps went with us so we all took turns chasing Rylie around. Below are just a few of my favorite pics :)

Mom, Dad, and Rylie before we left

Rylie crawling through the long tube to the other side, you can't really tell, but she is laughing

This was her least favorite ride of all. She is not screaming yet, but once the wheels starting turning, Jon had to go get her, she starting screaming and cried the whole way!

She loved the goats. We fed them several times and she went back and visited them several times.

She was watching the ducks and didn't understand why she couldn't go swimming with them. She headed straight for the water.

She looked like such a big girl on the horse tire swing. Of course, I was having a heart attack the whole time Dad was pushing her.

She loves slides, she is sliding down the tube slide.

Rylie, Nonnie, and Paps

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Monica Squiers said...

Looks like you all had fun!