Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween

We hope everyone had a great Halloween, this Halloween was a lot more fun, now that Rylie is getting bigger, not that she still knew what was going on, but at least she could participate a little. Rylie was a fairy. We only went to the houses on the streeet and on the way home from the last house, she was already walking slowly, she was very tired.

We got her pictures made in her costume and this was getting ready for the pictures a couple of weeks before

This was actually on Halloween, we were getting ready to go out and she discovered candy was in her basket! She was really interested in what was in there and then she dumped it out.
Our first stop was two houses down and we ran into our buddies, Ryan and Sydney. She was not too sure about Ryan and his spiderman costume, she just kept walking around him in a circle looking at him. It was hilarious. She was very curious.

After a few houses, she learned how to knock on the door, this is her knocking all by herself!

She was very excited, because she got a lollipop, which she proceeded to eat right then and there, we couldn't leave the doorstep until it was opened!
I can't wait to see everyone else's pictures too.

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